Finally they said, “ who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us, what do you say about yourself?” John 1: 22

Who are you? A seemingly simple question that deduce different answers from various audience. What defines us goes beyond the external acquisition and our family backgrounds. Understanding who we are not, remains critical in defining who we are. Sadly, a lot of people carry the individuality of others thinking are representing the truest image of their own.

The distinctness of our identity provokes the life style, inspiration and motivation for our communities. We are comfortable nurturing the counterfeit images of people that look more accomplished than us. A ho-hum and unoriginal lifestyle is when one tries harder to fit in and imitates the values and ideologies of others. If we truly know who we are, why is it hard to live within our means? The fear of being left out vacates the appreciation of our true uniqueness. Staying in the shadows of the highly adored individuals deprives the enormous potential within us.

The ability to understand who one is not agitates the desire of refusing to succumb to the middling ideologies thrown at them. If by a mistake one identifies us with a well known personality, the smile that plunge our facial expression prove how less we degrade our identity. Our incomparable personalities should help in the discovery of purpose. Regrettably, the failure to know who we are not has buried the uncovering of our truest potentials. We will forever be toasted and tortured to the expectations of those we perpetually try to simulate and keep the image which is not ours.

“ if you don’t know who you are, you will try being someone else” Myles Munro. Pursuing careers that are not ours to please those around is the result of manipulation and flattery. It is constantly poured and enticed on many to be forgetful of their identity. What do you say about yourself? Failing to answer this question empowers others to inflict and regulate who you become. And this, sadly, birth misinterpretation of identities.

The discovery of who one is starts when one realize the purpose of their existence. “ I am the voice of one calling in the desert make straight the way of the Lord” John 1 : 23. John the Baptist distinctly knows who he was despite all the flattery accolades thrown at him. He identified himself within the boundaries of his purpose. All the comparison and ingratitude emanates from lack of understanding of who we are.

The failure to appreciate ones identity highlights the false information that has crippled in the lives of many.The assertion that some personalities and careers are better off, not only distort the truth but also conveys wrong interpretation of our truest self. I am not moved by the perception, heresy and gossip leveled on me. I know who I am not. Borrowing Peter Tosh’s words “ I am a firm ripe diamond”. Hardly destructed, unmovable and never circumscribed by the assumptions, mistakes and the circumstances at hand.


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