As delicious as any meal can be, without salt, it remains tasteless. The value it bring to foods ought weights its ugliness. Its appearance seems lacking  yet the value it offers is priceless. It remains an important component of the human diet. Historically, it remained a highly priced commodity; adored more like petroleum across the contenentts.

Different people are blessedly differently. Game changers are simply those that provide solutions to the many existing problems by adding value in the lives of others. With the academic accolades in our bags, there is little value we have offered in the daily lives of our communities.  Why do we do what we do? Answering this question unlocks the potential in us to add value to our surroundings.

What value do you bring to those around you?  Many have enslaved and sacrificed their  abilities to add value to society more than they gain from it. Its crucial knowing your worth before allowing to be exploited just to fit in, accepted and loved. Salt offers solution and add the needed flavour to meals. Salt’s usefulness is evident when used on other foods.

A fufiled and joyous life  is achieved through the value we add in the lives of others.  A practical example will be valuing people they way there are with their limitations and strength. Its absurd to value people when you fail to see the value in yourself. There is  always something that we can offer than being at the receiving end. However, if people fail to add value to us, we should not reciprocate the favour. Our presence, skills and  abilities either big or small, should always be an answer to the needs of our neighbours. Our simplest form of kindness could go a long way in inspiring Many. Antonio Vega advocate that  “we are at the mercy of each other kindness”.Too much of salt is hazardous to our health so is our perceived value. If we see ourselves more important than the rest, serious caution must be taken. As much our skills are needed, we should not spoil the uniqueness and qualities of others with our egocentric attitudes. We just need each other.  Salt not only improves appetite on the food but helps to preserve it from decaying and so is the man of value.

Our desire to add value to society should not be hindered by the achievements already accomplished by others or our poor backgrounds. We should not be intimidated to offer solutions, ideas and criticism. As yummy a chicken drumstick can look on a braii stand, it remains tasteless without salt.  Adding value is about creating something useful to those around us. People of value are sought for and  in demand for enormous benefits they offer. They stand tall, recognisable amidst the group, respected and adored.

Man is created unique and God purposely distinguished everyone from the rest with specific gifts. If tapped and maximised, such gifts not only will one’s value be located in a crowd but also be set apart and celebrated in the daily endeavours.  The comfortability by many in siphoning the values of others has done more harm than good. People feel lazy to think for themselves and  outside the box enjoying the comfort at hand that comes as a result of the value created by others. Degrading and belittling the gifts of ourselves is highly entertained with such distorted attitude.

The mistake many assume in being man of value in life, is thinking of having super powers first to make a difference. The world is already dealing with tones of chronic problems and disasters. This broken generation  begs for people who are constantly thinking of adding value to the community.  A simple smile that seems valueless could go along way in inspiring a broken hearted person somewhere. The limitations and weakness within us should never deter us adding value to society.

Our essence of existing must bringing tastiness to the lives of others like what salt does to food. Our complimentaryefforts must fit well  making our society a better place to live by adding value  with our God given talents. Demeaning  our values because of unnecessarily comparison  with others peoples gifts, is poisonous to  our own self esteem and growth. Regardless how talented an individual is, he/she needs people. Our gifts works well in uniformity and it is our responsibility to see the value in ourselves first then can  easily be transferable  to those around us and bring a  lasting difference in society.




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