My definition of success is quite different from yours. We can agree to disagree on the truest meaning of a successful life. I’m glad though from our biased definitions we might have a glimpse of its meaning and whoever is reading this  I assume, is successful in one way or the other.The ability to read in english for example, is a milestone for many against the background of 79% of the world’s population who cannot read and write.

People chase dreams and accomplish greatness. Landing on the moon remains one of the  successful stories in history. Striving for greatness and making a world a better place is the ultimate goal of many. The thrive and motivation for a successful life varies from individuals. The goal of a peasant to acquire quality education could be different from a middle class man. One would acquire academic education to help them burry poverty and misery they endured in their childhood days whereas the later  merely to gain knowledge for their personal development.

I am sure I’m not alone that sees success in others on their external acquisitions. People are successful storytellers, prayer warriors, advisors but little thought and attention is placed on such success if they fail to show their glittering riches. The synonym for a successful life is equated with accolades, titles, asserts and property. This is a lie that the society has embraced. Having the named things is not wrong and should be encouraged. It becomes a problem when people slave themselves to look rich and be admired by people.

People are spending sleepless nights and investing a lot to get wealth that will clothe them with honour and dignity. Having such things defines their success in life. On the contrary, some are having sleepless nights not knowing how to handle their riches and broken marriages as the result of their success.

Life’s mystery puzzles many on what success is all about. The motive in many to be successful rise from envy, hatred and jealousy. Selfishness becomes the drive force that stimulate the zeal for a successful life. We want to be above others in our dressing, educational qualification, wisdom, intelligence and strength. Everything evolves around us. We feel indebted for the solution we offer, the donation we provide.The goal is to outshine and get the relevance befitting us.

I have seen “successful people’’ with rich educational backgrounds struggling yet their academic prows testify of their greatness . The same world has people with no secondary school education living a” successful” life altogether. Again it boils down to what a successful is. One can have everything considered successful and still live a misery life. Life’s accomplishments have a meaningful value if shared and celebrated with others. “one of the secrets of life that is really worth the doing is what we do for others” Levi Strauss. Making a difference in the life of someone is greatest success that we can cherish for eternity.

We live in a world marred with calamities and suffering. Our little effort through charity, service to the less privileged with right intent demonstrates the truest meaning of a successful life. Seeing people laugh, eat, forgive, dress and acquire education as result of our success guarantees a happy and fulfilled life in us. Living a life to be adored for materialistic acquisition, knowledge, wisdom and kindness robs you the joy of freedom. Therefore, a successful life is “ when you have the opportunity to touch hearts, meaning, purpose, identity alongside helping individuals to get out of physical poverty thats where you can see incredible transformation” PovertyCure.






2 thoughts on “SUCESSFUL LIFE”

  1. I can agree no more! To be successful is very subjective in nature. Reading in between the lines on what it means to be successful leaves one with a fallacious conclusion that there are no successful people in this world!


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