A perfect life exists outside this universe.  Unrealistic expectations leveled on others on how to live and conduct , leaves a lot to be desired. It kills and suffocate creativity and induces ingenuity, hatred and lies in individuals.

Mistakes have been painted with a horror picture yet out of it  enormous benefits pours out unceasingly.  The measure of  limits and abilities, life lessons and rebooting ones motivation easily happens when one is willing to risk making mistakes. George Bernard Shaw observed that  “A life spent making mistakes is not only honorable, but  more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

Stupidity and mistake’s differences  can never cross path in this life and the one to come. The two must and should never be confused together. Failing the same  mistakes repeatedly is  stupidity of the highest order. The cages surrounding many forbid them from exploring all the potential within fearing reprehension from their  superiors and society. And again, I read that everyone has a dark chapter in their lives not willing to unfold for others to gaze. A timely encouragement  that everyone has ever made mistakes before.

Whatever I do, I commit excellence and dedication. Perfectionism in most cases is pursued with wrong intentions. Trying to please those demanding it,and if a mark is missed, degrades ones abilities and causing physiological torture . I am different, I give room for error,  chance to learn and flourish. Understanding the motive behind what one does, influences one perspective on mistakes and failure.

It is alarming to see how other people react on the mistakes of others. Surprisingly, when done by them, it is painted  a normal part of growth. The burden of impressing people with perfectionism at either work place or home defeats the whole purpose of being human.The crucial step is both reexamining and rectifying the mistake committed.

Past mistakes have pulled many down degrading the value and essence of their being. Progress in such cases is  limited  and kills the potential hidden in us. Regardless of the guilty and  shame experienced over a mistake of the past, allow it to remain in the past and move on.  Getting stuck  and agonizing over a past mistake is not only time consuming but also unproductive and expensive.

Mistakes gives an opportunity for self exploration and discovery. It guarantees honest feedback and its up to the individual to take heed of the lessons learnt. The choice is ours to make. Quitting over a mistake translates  into failure. If people were as honest on this matter, a resilient community  would’ve been created. My licence to commit more mistakes ought to be viewed with a sober perspective. It gives me a platform  to attempt the  impossible without pressure piling on my back and boost my awareness that I am only human with limits.  Bruce Lee sums it up well     “ I’m not in this life to live up to your expectations and you’re  not in this world to live up to mine”


2 thoughts on “MORE MISTAKES A HEAD”

  1. Well written sir! We have atvone time or the other made mistakes. How one reacts after commiting a mistake shows how matured or immatures they are. I’m encouraged through your write up that as longvascwe live on this mother earth we will commit mistakes but our ability to move on is essential. Big up!


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