Did I? I bet I did. Getting attention from people  still remains a tantamount task to fulfill.  From all ages across the board, both external and internal factors have largely contributed to the vice of lacking attention.

Attention comes in different shape and form. Others toil and slave for it to impress their loved ones and to the extreme annoy others. Regardless of the  few hiccups associated with it, the value of getting it can not be stressed enough. Student’s  attention and attentiveness  to the theories of Bermuda triangle brings joy to their teacher. Ability to listen to one’s spouse uninterruptedly fuels a lasting relationship.

Giving attention goes beyond shutting up ones mouth and stare at someone. Affirmation, adoration and ones presence affirms the true meaning of sharing attention. Sadly, we live in an era of technological advancements where gadgets and the social media has replaced the value of one on one conversations. Most of us, we are guilt of this verdict.  The attention span left in humanity is to mind much on the percentage of the battery left on their phones.

It is worrisome  seeing  the rate at which individuals nowadays  texting at the same time trying to engage into a conversation with someone next to them. And again,  attention is given for a reason. The amount given to others will bounce back to you. It is easy to demand it  yet we have malnourished  and starved it on others. If you feel neglected  and unattended to, before pointing a finger evaluate your contribution.

Everyone craves for attention, either  good or bad, its a matter of preference. But the feeling of neglected is mutual.  It creates unnecessary questions and tensions. The attention  I cry for is to listen attentively without any prejudice. External appearance and person’s character must not  furnish  people with selective attentiveness. Outward appearances  in most cases can be deceiving.

We live in a society that love to hear what is only sweet to our ears. Contrary opinion warrants automatic rejection  and name calling. Whatever seems pleasant about us, attentive ears and smiles  are seen miles away for an embrace. If we also give attention to criticism without being picky, our personal growth will be knocking at us. The  same attention given to well dressed individual must follow suit to the barefooted souls. Is that even possible? I wonder too.

I don’t have to beg to have your attention. It ought to be given and received freely without  strings attached. Its only possible when we acknowledge that everyone is uniquely valuable in their own ways regardless of their social economic background, color and religion. Our role is to be an example that gives  it plentifully without expecting it in return.



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