“ everybody need somebody” King Yellowman.

The isolation policy embarked by Britain during the first world war lead to her economic prosperity in the region. Her lack of entanglements in European affairs gave her freedom to dictate her future and redirect resources on issues of national interest. The world was marred with conflicts and wars yet Britain chose to give a blind eye to the circumstances surrounding her.

Wherever they are people, conflicts are inevitable. No matter how nice one can be, not everyone will love you back. To avoid quarrels and conflicts, some people have resorted to live aloof from society. Their  undisturbed and bothered preferred life only exists in movies. Regardless how successful and walls one can build, it comes a time when boundaries are broken in search for help.

We are gifted and blessed different. Others have more than the person next door and this in no way demean their value as human beings. The accolades decorated on many has ushered  a wave of independence from others and presumptuously planted a misguided thought that others  are more important than the rest.

Our appetite on dependency must never satisfy the zeal for our own independence from others. It should never be a license to laziness and a burden to milk the hard earned profits of others. It is about collectively contributing to the success of others especially those looked down upon.

Our educational qualification and wealth acquired has posed to be a stumbling block in bridging the gap with the less privileged. So pathetic to see many extending their arm only when in trouble. Our coexistence must cease being conditional and be nourished with constant reminder that all men’s glory are like flowers of the field.

One of the most beautiful Island in Malawi , Likoma, offers the beauty to the tourism industry with the best accommodation and indigenous sea foods. Its geographical position separates herself from the many misery facing the country and gazing it from afar, invites the desire to step on her beautiful beaches. Sadly, docking on her shores, uncomfortable news awaits you. The Island’s struggle to accommodate the ever increasing population, hunger and drug shortages and poor transportation to the mainland is worrisome. Likoma’s continued existence depends on the mainland and neighboring Tanzania and Mozambique for different supplies.

As attractive isolation may seem from a distant , the consequences of living in alienation are more devastating than it appear. Pride is killing most of us thinking we can do it on our own. There is indeed power in unity and swallowing the pills of pride is the first step to achieve greatness for our society.

The atrocities committed by German could never be ignored forever. The policy had to be abandoned for the sake of humanity. Its not all about self interests all the time but  serving sacrificially the interests of others to make earth a better place. One may not necessarily gain from helping others nor appreciated for the effort rendered. Britain too might have lost her economic muscles yet her abandonment of the  Isolation policy brought victory that will forever  be celebrated in history.


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