Doing a little bit everyday is a lot more important than doing a lot someday-John.C.Maxwell.

Successful hardworking individuals can be gazed from all corners of the society. I am buried with admiration, baffled with unanswered questions on how they arrived at their destination. The privileges decorated with their success invites adoration from all circles  with exception of few haters here and there. Success is an relative word that represents different connotation to different recipients. Gladly, we can all identify a successful individual.

People have written  numerous books ; some attained top class education. Houses built, business  flourishing, travelled across the globe, planted churches, married and remarry,you name it, thriving from this level to the other. Unstoppable. Then unsuccessful stories too comes along for a reality check. The deplorable life circumstances circling the masses raises  more questions than answers. The slams  housing people, the scarcity of basic needs and failure to excel amidst all the success proves the dream of a brighter day a fallacy.

Our failure to achieve greatness like the rest, hides itself in the validity of the excuses at hand. Think of it, corruption, nepotism, high inflation, minimal opportunities, poor service delivery  among others, rightly impose excuses on us . From all angles,it seems we are covered to justify the misery in our midst. Surprisingly, the few successful souls thrived in the same sour environment.

The struggle to succeed emanates from the impatience hidden in us demanding for immediate results.  The ultimate goal must not be fixed on the desired result rather channel and invest handsomely our cravings for success  on the process itself.  We are easily moved with the achievements of others, inspired to take a step to be just like them yet paying no attention to the process of self denial, sacrifice, determination and hard work that bore the fruit of  that adoration.

The craving for greatness and better life evolves in most of us.  I was told Rome was never built in a day neither can greatness be accomplished over night. Those that wrote books, started with a single sentence. Failure in any endeavour is inevitable, and is needed to push us beyond our limit. There always time for everything, expecting  a harvest after a day of planting is insanity of the highest order.

The choice to make it in life rest with us and  comes with a price. Successful  individuals are those that know their purpose and invest in their strength.  With this revelation, the ability to endure and enjoy the process to greatness flows naturally. Stop chasing success in the shadows of others, find what you were made to be, with time, sacrifice and commitment our destination will be within reach. Starting small, a step at a time and never despising our humble beginnings guarantees sunny days ahead.



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