What is more painful waiting on something or regrets? This thoughtful provoking question kept disturbing me for days after a friend posed it to me. As intelligently as I wanted to sound and appear, I chose regret over waiting as more painful. I shouldn’t be judged, most of us would go the same path. Living a life of regrets can be emotionally draining. Frustrations and anger engulfs and dine with our lives forever. The feeling that comes with regrets has never been pleasant here on earth.

Regrets never appear out of the blues in our lives. In most cases, it originates from poor choices and decisions we make in life. We can blame circumstances or friends for our poor choices but it is us who bear the pain alone. If given a chance, I bet we would have done it better, avoided the situation or never involved ourselves with the situation. And again, living the life of regrets is wastage of energy because what is done can not be undone. We learn from our mistakes, grow from them and become strong individuals to inspire many to take the right path.

Some of us regret for our impatience in a lifetime. We blew away life changing opportunities for failing to hold on. Patience is a word so easy to spell than practice. Yet its richness ought weighs the temporal pains it brings. Patience is ability to carry on and persist even if it seems painful and frustrating. It should never be confused with stupidity and ignorance. You persist to crawl and walk because you remember why you started in the first place.

The process of waiting becomes unbearable when you start to see the pain more than the intended goal. Waiting has never been easy especially on something you will cherish forever if accomplished. Distractors appear advising how impossible it is to achieve that goal and self defeating thoughts cripples in agreeing with the agents of fear. During my undergraduate days I was looking forward to my graduation day the first day I stepped at the campus. Unfortunately, I had to wait for another 4 years for this dream to become a reality. I had to spend my nights in the cold trying to raise funds for my tuition, the thoughts to give up guarding confronted me on several occasion but I chose to give it a blind eye.

“ But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”Isaiah 40:31. Victory is on our way if we just hold on  to God. it becomes frustrating enduring the process of waiting minus God. Our strengths lacks the ability to sustain us when it hurts in waiting. You look around and see progress in friend’s lives but remember our paths are different from them. The time we usually give up is when the answer arrive. The regret emanating from such circumstance leaves a mark unhid-able. Christianity spread because the disciples had to wait for the Holy Spirit and my  ink is not enough to remind you the amount of roses people have harvested out of their patience in this life.

Regrets either big or small has impact on our lives. How we decide to live with them its entirely up to us. But there is always a better way. The cross. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you1 Peter 5:7.  As ugly the word sounds, patience is virtue that glooms men/women to servanthood. It confronts our ego, sharpens our vision, gives us time to reflect the creator and help us acknowledge that God is in control. Regardless how long it takes, if its God’s will, doors will open, opportunities will appear and mountains will move. I have seen the roses that comes with patience even when it hurts the most. I acquired my graduate education because I embraced patience with pride. It could have been a regret of a life time if I had thrown in the towel because of the temporal pain I endured. Do you want to regret or endure the pain for a while? The choice is all yours.


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