Time and again, choruses have been sang on how important everyone is on this planet, unfortunately we love to preach what we don’t practice.Have you ever imagined how life would have been if everyone was educated? What would have happened if everyone was rich? Our systems, societies and individuals have created divisions and buried the essence of seeing equality in every human being.

It seems the amount of money, influence, talents, value one has is a prerequisite indicator that differentiate how important an individual ought to be treated today. When I was in secondary school, my job along others, were to witness and clap hands for the bright top ten students in our class. I envied and desired to have my name called at least once in the four years of my secondary school education but no to avail. As years elapsed, I started reflecting that the top genius folks to get that limelight needed “dull “people like me to shine. Regardless how influential, educated and rich one is, lowly regarded people from all walks of life, are crucial to balance the equilibrium.

Whatever we achieve or become in this life either great or small, we have a role to play for our society. It is regrettably embarrassing to observe how humanity has perceived and abused those we think are below our class and level. Human beings ought not be valued because of their external acquisitions but on basis of their portrayal of compassion, love and care to fellow beings without strings attached.

The world keeps telling us if we work hard we can become anything we ever imagined. This fantasy reasoning sadly has landed into wrong ears which has enslaved people for greatness to be seen and adored by those around them. Hard work is never wrong, it becomes wrong if you chase dreams that you were never meant to attain. God has blessed us with unique gifts for specific roles to use. We blossom and bear fruits if we understand our given roles. Temporal success can be attained through hard work but a lasting and fruitful bearing success, wraps itself in appreciating Gods given role in this life.

I might not have been among the top brightest students in my class but that did not demean my humanity nor deprived me to feel insecure in their presence. If they needed jokes and laughter, I was their man. If they needed someone to clap hands for their achievements, I was always present clapping jealously. Mathematics has always made most of us look brainless, I would find comfort from these brainy guys helping me out and if they needed exciting cheerleaders during soccer matches we never disappointed.

Life lessons can be bitter to swallow if people live other people’s lives. People must cease to see each other as competitors. Our drive for greatness and success must be accompanied with the awareness that every individual has their own part to play. Whatever we have been entrusted with, we have to work hard to bring the best not only for ourselves but also the people around us. The rich, poor, educated and uneducated have responsibilities to one another. Their role is to serve each other for the glory of the most high. No race, class, profession and individuals must either feel superior or inferior because of external  achievements. Our greatness and success lies with people seeing the value of others as God image bearers who have been entrusted with different roles to serve each other with love, kindness and Joy.



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