Human beings lie for different reasons. People lie to protect themselves, gain some favors, loved and get away with atrocities committed. Regardless how well dressed a lie can be, its serious ramifications to those who not only entertain but also embrace it can be disastrous.  I have lied on several occasion because it is much easier to lie than tell the truth. And we are good at dictating lies in others.  Lying is not only limited to verbal communication, it comes in several innocent shapes to represent and distort the reality on the ground. People would dress to be seen as somebody,  spend more than what the earn to impress, live the  lives of others to fit in, suppress their consciousness,  bury their head in the sand and fail to speak up for injustices they see around.

The modern generation has embraced and celebrated falsehood to an alarming level. Starting from our education system through politics, full of empty promises and individuals who embezzle public funds without fulfilling their campaign promises. Their lies are so inviting that they have drawn us into its pitfall again and again. Before the thought clips in and start to vomit our anger on how we have been lied to by our government, friends, family and boss, we have to pause a minute and reflect how we have contributed to falsehood.

The vice of falsehood has survived ages as it offers immediate results to the circumstance at hand. Liars like many of us are aware that the benefits of lying have never brought long lasting solutions yet we have happily promoted it. I believe no other explanation apart from being a spiritual problem holds water. Falsehood is as a result of being in bondage, lost identity of who one really is. People are afraid to say are suffering, oppressed or mistreated not that are incapable of but rather are in captivity.

Truth is expensive because it can never be bought with money. No one can manipulate it. It holds the power to transform both individuals and society at large. Fear cloud people’s minds not to dine with it, it reminds us often how people have lost their marriages, jobs, lives and  friends for merely gazing at it. Then the thought in people voicing the truth is chocked and swallowed to make peace with regrets, sadness and frustrations. Buddha however warns that “three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth”.  Truth will always be expensive as it never rots, the longer you get to voice it out the better it becomes.

Everyone can profess the benefits associated with the truth. You don’t need education to appreciate that truth is a virtue worth keeping. It’s been said that truth frees you from regret, kills the disease of gossip, malice and misconceptions.  And I add that truth has the power to chain fear in us. Fear belongs to the devil, master of lies. The bible says truth has the power to set people free.

We have allowed falsehood pull us to the opposite direction away from freedom. We have gazed at truth as an enemy to our happiness and joy. Yet truth is smiling at us for our well-being and ready to liberate us from our insecurities. As much as expensive truth is, it can easily be bought through surrendering to the truth itself. People lie not because it’s easy to; rather are blinded in their spirituality  on truth is capable of achieving in them. If Christ is absent in our lives truth shall forever be expensive and a free pass to dancing to the tune of fear and bondage.


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