Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others” Marcus Tullius Cicero.

 Life is unfair; is a familiar complaint that every one of us has confessed.  Just look around, numerous circumstances and setbacks qualifies and invites humanity to the life of complaining. Every day we are exposed to opportunities and reasons to be ungrateful and complain.  Sadly, others go an extra mile, purposely seeking ingratitude. It is unfortunate to believe that we are wired to be ungrateful as it is just the way humans are.

Complaining and ingratitude are not all that demonic.  Occasional complaint is fine and to live a life without vomiting ingratitude and complaints is unrealistic and laughable. It is acceptable to complain when circumstances permits. As we are faced everyday with a lot of reasons to complain and be ungrateful, gratitude is an escape of misery from ills and vices of society thrown at us. Look around; even from the garbage of ugly occurrences, glimpse of gladness can be noticed and must be celebrated.

Gratefulness is a virtue we all are expected to have and we should have.  There is always a reason to be grateful. Gratitude revokes pride in many recognizing that we are what we are by the help of others.  Even research affirms how happier people are if gratitude is embraced without strings attached. Personally, it has reminded me not to take things for granted that matter in life. It kills the disease of comparison to others and motivate me to go an extra mile repaying a good gesture rendered.

Life will never cease to throw lemons at us. We can be enveloped with rage and bitterness; regardless how disgruntled we can be, intentionally decide to gaze at life with optimism.  Today I choose to celebrate gratitude.  When I look around I see frustrations, misery, rejection, limitations, enemies and injustice.  On the other side, I see friends, family, life, school, smiles, opportunities, clothes, food and shelter.  The side of ingratitude seems appealing to entertain and flavorful to ignore.  Its repercussion however, leaves a lot to be desired.

For a change today, I side with gratitude to convey my heartfelt appreciation for things I take granted for. I am thankful for life, health, school, success, limitations and friends.  I am embarrassed to imagine that there are a lot of things that I can be thankful for yet I choose to complain. And I am ashamed of my ingratitude and whining thinking I deserve better than others.



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