I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us- Romans 8:18

Things won’t be the same; either it will turn out good or worse.  No condition is permanent so they say yet it takes an effort to turn the tables around.  Most people are comfortable with their circumstances regardless of the opportunities thrown at them and would choose to give a blind eye. Many of us are shortsighted to base our decisions on the present circumstances especially how we deal with people around us. We despise people for what they are and fail to see the potential of who they can become.

Earthly positions and statuses are attained to serve the interest of others. Regrettably, it has been used to ridicule, enslave and cause agony in the lives of ‘inferior’ brethren. Those in power and authority presumably have all the solutions to the enormous challenges facing us. Prejudice has engulfed most of us to refuse ideas and criticisms from those that we think are superior over.  What goes up must come down eventually.  Dignity rendered to all people of different educational background, race and tribe will never go unnoticed and rewarded in this life or the life to come.

After failing to walk with people in their struggles, it’s embarrassing to see friends both old and new clinging for association with someone who has succeeded in life against all odds. The stone the builders reject can become the precious cornerstone to lean on.  The ill treatment and disrespect poured to people due to their unpleasant circumstances deprives growth and limits their potential. It distorts and dictates to only see beauty in others and rags within self.

Why people mistreat and devalue the humanity of others is beyond comprehension. No excuse has ever been advocated to demean people’s dignity despite their social status in life. People however will judge us in the years to come on how we reacted to those who wrote us off. It’s either up to us to embrace and dine with the ridicule or choose to walk in the path of exploration to endless possibilities before us.

It is refreshing to look back after years of struggle and see how much it helped us grow and be a better person. So frustrating again to see life crippled with bitterness and frustrations blaming every soul that devalued us. Sadly, life is too short to blame others when we have the power to decide either to remain ridiculed or progress in the years to come.



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