Why do I do what I do?   A simple question that begs thorough soul searching answers. When was the last time you did a motive check on your life?  Contemplating such questions provokes a new perspective on how society operates from variety of motivation. Right or ulterior motives are the catalysts that drive our soul for service and kindness.

It is intriguing to see how people hide their motive for attention seeking acts to get approval of others.  A lot of us do what we do for pride, revenge and spotlight. You don’t need to exploit your good deed to the spotlight to be seen kindhearted. I have learnt that what I do for others is equally important as why I do it.  Unfortunately, the why part has decreased its value in most of us elevating self above service for others. We care so much of what other people think of us and less of what God think.

The issue of motives has to do with our hearts.  It unlocks the window of our truest identity in our walk of faith. Whatever we do should be for the glory of God.  I know people who are not Christians who amazingly do things with the right motives. It is also proven that people do the right things with wrong motives. Their reward is already here, they get the recognition, fame, honor and the accolades they duly deserve.  For us Christians, our motives for things boils down to pleasing God, not man.  Our hidden intent for good works only hinders our prayers and lobs us joy of true worship.

Regardless how long it takes, people will notice our true motives.  It is hard though to understand people’s motives but it is comforting that God does and is never deceived. I believe we are not created to be motive detectors .Hypocrisy is the champion that fuels ulterior motives in many of us.  It is not wrong to tell others of our good deeds, and our job according to Matthew 5: 6 is “to let light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.”

My old friend Innocent challenged me  that whatever  I  do for others I should ask myself: I’m I building them up or destroying them? The act of kindness, criticisms, affirmation, appraisal and judging done to others must be accompanied by love. Our right motives propel love that downloads showers of joy in hearts of those we are helping and this helps us win favor from both God and man.


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