When is it the right time? For how long shall we conceal the true reflection of ourselves? Is vulnerability a mystery unsolvable? The right answers to these questions unlock the door of reality to our truest being in the way we relate to one another.

I am yet to find a man who celebrates his weakness in public or even to close friends. Vulnerability is easily equated with being weak. The paradox of it is that all of us are weak and vulnerable. The self-protective instincts imposed on us in guarding our lives by portraying a biased image of ourselves to friends and family suffocates any chances of being helped from our weaknesses.

It is sad that we happily identify and point the struggles of others and professionally hide ours. I did not say being vulnerable is easy. It is the hardest thing to do. After all, who would want to be hurt? However, no excuse is good enough to create walls of defense towards vulnerability.

The thoughts of betrayal, rejection and abandonment entertain our minds well that it compels it to deny our loved ones from knowing our struggles and who we really are. It feels safe and compelling to live in the prison of fear since protection from rejection, embarrassment and shame is fully covered. But for how long shall we live in such hypocrisy?  I read that, it becomes easier when you love yourself and mind less of what others would think and say of your vulnerability.

The rewards of vulnerability are enormous. The sermons preached from all circles of life, attest to the beauty of freedom and fullness of life that comes to those willing to dine with vulnerability. It opens doors of opportunities, inspires people to overcome their own mountains and above all, opening doors that would have forever been closed.

For how long then shall we refuse to open up and reach out for help? Our flaws hidden in us keep pilling and  will eventually destroy us. The false public image we have presented for so long has not only deprived us joy, freedom but also true fellowship with the loved ones.  It might not be now or never to decide, but I agree with Theodore Roethke thoughts that “Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among the mysteries.”


4 thoughts on “NOW OR NEVER”

  1. Thanks Mr. Gomez…You are a talented man and writer. The Pastor today just confirmed your thinking line…’vulnerability is what God uses to bring greatness, Peter is a good example’ God bless,  Innocent  “If God does not show up, you are in trouble-faith” – Bruce Main

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    1. Thanks Mr Ng’oma for your kind words . vulnerability helps us reach others better because they understand we are not different from them. Its only grace alone.


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