All  too often, the start of a new year prompts individuals making resolutions both realistic and unachievable. It’s a chance, so they say, to start a fresh, excel and improve for a better life. The enormous expectations leveled on the New Year can be frustrating if not achieved by the end of the year. Sadly, statistics favors failure in resolution keeping by the second month of the year. My concern is not to validate or demonize new year resolutions rather provoke a thought on our exodus into this New Year and beyond.

It is tempting to fantasize how bright the future holds after hearing numerous choruses across the circles at the beginning of each year. We paint this glamorous picture that this New Year is of financial success, spiritual growth and what have you. The hard truth remains, experiencing the same unproductive results and zero progress. After failing to progress for a while, we resort into dreaming of happy days to soothe our failures and struggles expecting to get different results in the New year.

As we think of 2016 and beyond, let us see it as an opportunity to thrive. We ought to optimize and seize this given opportunity.. If no opportunities are coming your way, please create one. No one is promised tomorrow. If we remain idle to opportunities, merely dreaming dreams will make us remain confused and empty. Brighter days are here disguised as the new year.

Either we have resolutions or not, opportunities must be seized and created because time is against us and no one will ever be fully prepared for opportunities. It is not only a matter of hard work to bring significant change in one’s life, but also being smarter and different. For how long are we going to dream for the sun to shine on us? when shall we see the rainbow? The words of  Katherine Krieger highlights that now is the time to seize the available chances and wrote  “Opportunities are on every hand; what we need is not a new chance, but clearness of vision to discern the chance which at this very hour is ours, if we recognize it.”


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