“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots” –Frank Howard Clark

We are all the victims of criticism and are guilty of criticizing others. Man is criticized every day. Taking criticism can be a difficult thing. Nobody loves to be told they are wrong.  Most people view criticism wrongly. Criticism must be viewed as a form of communication in getting feedback to help one learn. People that are criticized are worthy something in life.  Self-criticism is a good example why criticism must be celebrated. It nourishes the soul and creates room for improvement.

We cannot give a blind eye to the fact that criticism has an ugly side. It becomes unbearable when the person is attacked rather than the behavior. It can also hurt depending how and when the criticism is done.  The continual outbursts of criticism from people that you have known for a while, is a major factor why it is hard to swallow the pill of criticism. Whenever our beliefs, motives and perception of things have been challenged and questioned, we naturally become defensive. It’s either they have wrongly attacked our noblest inspiration for the cause or those attacking simply love putting other people down for them to look taller. However regardless the pain it offers, criticism provides the needed cure to the many vices of the society and it has to be enjoyed and celebrated.

The surest way to enjoy criticism is being prepared that criticism will come.  It is inevitable, simply anticipate it. All substantive work in a person brings both praise and criticism. We need to retrain our minds to expect and accept this. Some will criticize to be noticed while others to expand our thinking faculties.  Romancing with criticisms is possibly when we choose not to argue back and tacitly agree with what they are saying. Indirect agreement and acknowledgment of the criticism, not only will it defuse the tense but also make it enjoyable to understand how people perceive you. Intentionally inviting people to criticize you will help one embrace criticism with enthusiasm and positivity.  The invitation is an opportunity to actively seek out to improve yourself and have a true picture from colleagues who have known you for years but were afraid to tell you.khima midzy


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