FB_IMG_1432701783452To define leadership might appear simple nevertheless it is so difficult to answer. It is a broad and general term that incorporates several categories of leadership. Therefore, leadership would mean different things to various people. It is appealing how Warren Bennis paints the picture of leadership when he wrote “it is like beauty; it is hard to define but you know it when you see it.”

Just like everyone else I was quick to define it as the ability in the provision of guidance and control to achieve a goal. The definition is not lacking entirely rather its emphasis is on the secondary aspect of leadership. People might be either guided or controlled for selfish, social and economic factors and not necessarily the influence and ideologies of that leadership. On the other hand, leadership is a process of influence over followers through direction and approach voluntarily .This form of leadership works best as it incorporates two elements of leadership that is of the follower and the  outcomes of the vision.

I go to lengths to admit that most leadership is underperforming because their major emphasis is on the identification of qualities of effective leadership. People have been made to believe that hardworking, listening, compassionate, caring and sense of humor are some of the qualities leadership has to have to be effective. Such traits are definitely welcome and helpful, however, the leadership that works effectively is that which both acknowledges and recognizes whether it has the gift of leadership or not and knowing that the purpose of its existence is to serve.  All the above mentioned traits of effective leadership then will flow easily. Not everyone has a gift of leadership and once people start recognizing this, the future of leadership is promising as not only will it work but also serve the interests of the followers to produce greater results.


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